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Digital Diligence: Unlocking greater transparency along the value chain

Supply chain transparency is central for a circular economy, enhanced consumer safety, reduced environmental impact, as well as for supporting overall business intelligence. For industry to support Europe’s ambitions of a circular economy and also meet increasing consumer expectations about product origins, ingredients and safety, transparency in supply chains is no longer a “nice to have” but a “must have”.

As the starting block for more than 90% of supply chains, our chemicals industry is in a unique position to embed digitalised processes from the very start. Therefore, this members-only event brings together policy makers, industry and downstream users to:
– Take a deeper look at the evolving landscape, from upcoming legislation to consumer demands, increasing the urgency for industry to tackle transparency in the supply chain
– Examine digital possibilities, like blockchain and digital product passports and share industry experiences
– Propose concrete actions for the chemical industry to take uniformed action
Join us to address the urgency and opportunities for industry to tackle transparency in value chains.



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