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Prof. Lee CRONIN

Group Leader, Regius Chair of Chemistry, University of Glasgow
Leroy (Lee) Cronin managed to somehow convince the queen of England to allow him to become the Regius Professor of Chemistry in Glasgow (he joined Glasgow as a lecturer and climbed up to this ‘chair’). Since the age of 9 Lee has wanted to explore science using electronics to control matter but was surprised to make it to university as he was deemed to be of sub normal intelligence when he was 12. His research spans many disciplines and has four main aims: the construction of an artificial life form; the digitization of chemistry; the use of artificial intelligence in chemistry including the construction of ‘wet’ chemical computers; the exploration of complexity and information in chemistry. His group is organised and assembled transparently around ideas, avoids hierarchy, and aims to mentor researchers using a problem-based approach. Nothing is impossible until it is tried. He thinks most people are being too boring because they fear being wrong and hopes to be a role model at convincing people to put being interesting ahead of being right in when it comes to fundamental science.