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Head of Industrial Transformation Unit, Directorate General for Research and Innovation, European Commission

Jürgen Tiedje, working with the European Commission since 1992; German nationality; lawyer as educational background, wide experience in different Commission departments of European policy making, including industry and qualifications.

Between January 2017 and March 2021, he has been in charge of a unit focusing on advanced manufacturing, energy intensive industries, energy efficient buildings and biotechnologies in DG Research and Innovation. The unit has also been running public private partnerships with relevant industries, which have been funded for around 2.6 BEUR under Horizon 2020. . His unit has also been running about 260 projects funded under this programme, which have been delegated to the Health and Digital Executive Agency in April 2021.

He has been appointed as of 1st April 2021 Head of Unit for Industrial Transformation in the Prosperity Directorate. The unit is in charge of preparing the future work programmes in the cluster “digital, industry, space” under Horizon Europe, namely covering all relevant industrial technologies and materials. This covers amongst others future partnerships with industries, such as on advanced manufacturing (the future partnership Made in Europe) and process manufacturing (the future partnership Processes4Planet) in order to drive the twin green and digital transition for industries. In the same vein, the unit is leading all the work on nanotechnologies as well as on advanced materials. Finally, the unit also leads future work on relevant public partnerships with Member States as to the science of measurement (metrology) as well as assessment of risks from chemicals.

The research and innovation areas are of immediate relevance for the implementation of the Green Deal (in particular the Industry Strategy, the Chemical Strategy for Sustainability, the Zero Pollution Ambition) as well as digital priorities, such as on artificial intelligence, robotics but also microelectronics.