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Chemical Safety Programme Director of Unilever SEAC

Ian Malcomber is an ecotoxicologist and safety scientist with more than 20 years experience of safety assessments and policy and strategy setting in the FMCG industry to direct safe and sustainable design of consumer products. Ian has worked extensively in driving progressive Corporate and industry ambitions on safe and sustainable products to protect the environment and meet consumer expectations for safe products. He was an active contributor to the development of REACH including a leading role within PRODUCE, an industry/EU COM partnership on evaluating the impact of REACH on Downstream Users, and involvement in the development of guidance through REACH Implementation Projects. He has been an industry representative on the UN Sub Committee of Experts on GHS, Chaired Task Forces and Advisory Groups in ECETOC and SETAC and a member of the OECD Extended Advisory Group on Adverse Outcome Pathways, Molecular Screening and Toxicogenomics.

In Unilever, he plays a leading role in setting Unilever global chemical safety strategy and policy at Corporate, Divisional and Brand level. He leads the development and delivery against the Unilever ambition for 100% biodegradable formulations by 2030, including working with R&D product development teams and suppliers to drive “biodegradability by design” alongside designing in other safety and sustainability attributes from early innovation to product launch.