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“Safe and Sustainable-by-Design”: a global competitive boost for the European industry?

Under the Chemicals Strategy for Sustainability (CSS), the concept of Safe and Sustainable-by-Design (SSbD) offers the potential to accelerate chemical innovations that are safe, deliver greater consumer confidence, while setting a global benchmark for Europe. Our chemicals industry wants to engage in the pathway to define the concept and framework, one which supports the achievement of the CSS and the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, while accelerating the transition to a climate-neutral, circular Europe in 2050, with a globally competitive European industry.

This dialogue brings together representatives from the European Commission, Member of the European Parliament, downstream user and a trade union to examine:

  • What is SSbD and what does the concept mean for European industry, consumers and products?
  • How can the concept further stimulate growth in chemical innovations and collaborations across value chains towards products that are safe, sustainable, circular and climate neutral?
  • With increased expectations from European industry, how can Europe ensure a level playing field with non-EU manufacturers and ensure enforcement at EU borders?

Join us to discuss the concept of Safe and Sustainable-by-Design and debate concrete actions to advance in a way which supports chemical innovation in Europe, while also boosting European industry competitiveness on the global market.


Anne-Sofie Bäckar

Executive Director
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Martin Hojsík

Member of the
European Parliament
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Ian Malcomber

Chemical Safety Programme Director
Unilever SEAC
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Joel Tickner

Professor of Environmental Health,
University of Massachusetts Lowell

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Jürgen Tiedje

Head of Industrial Transformation Unit, Directorate General for Research and Innovation,
European Commission
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Leigh Stringer

Managing Editor, Europe
Chemical Watch
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