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From waste to resources: how can chemical recycling accelerate the creation of a circular economy for plastics?

The European chemical industry is at the heart of the transition to a European circular economy. The EU institutions already agreed that the potential of emerging recycling technologies, such as chemical recycling, need to be further explored. In that context, our industry wants to contribute to the ongoing discussions by providing data and concrete examples of chemical recycling projects. To reach a circular economy for plastics, the right regulatory framework should be put in place, going from a waste orientation to a resource orientation.

This session will bring together policymakers, civil society and industry to:

  • Examine how chemical recycling technologies can contribute to reducing the 85% of plastic waste in Europe that ends up in incineration and landfill
  • Deep-dive into what policy framework would be needed
  • Showcase the latest examples of chemical recycling across the industry and discuss how to accelerate them to the next level

Join this dialogue to find out how Europe can accelerate the circular economy for plastics.