National Spotlight

National Spotlight – Charting Implementation of Transition Pathways

THU 05: 13.45 – 14.40

Since the launch of the EU Transition Pathway earlier this year, our industry across Europe has been working on translating the Pathway into national plans of their own. In this dedicated session, several national associations share the status of their plans and their experiences so far.

National Transition Pathways are pivotal tools; they facilitate engagement with authorities, around this simple question: “what is the plan for the chemical industry’s future in your country? National plans also offer a unique opportunity to channel local insights into the European implementation process, identify cross-border collaborations, policy gaps, and investment hurdles.

Join us with national associations across Europe to:

  • Gain insights into the status of transition plans across national chemical associations.
  • Exchange on the relation between the European outlook and national experiences.
  • Share ongoing initiatives, cross-border collaborations, and policy gaps at both European and national levels.

Don’t miss the chance to tune in, as we put our national associations in the spotlight.


Manon Bloemer

General, Royal Association of the Dutch Chemical Industry

Florie Gonsolin

Director Industrial Transformation Projects, Cefic

Sami Nikander

Director, Chemical Industry Federation

Matt Moran

Director, BioPharmaChem Ireland

Magali Smets

Director General, France Chimie

Ivan Souček

Director, Association of Chemical Industry of the Czech Republic