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Chemistry: the engine of future mobility?

Climate neutrality will require a 90% reduction in transport emissions by 2050. To achieve this, we will need to advance the uptake of e-mobility and alternative fuels, like hydrogen. As a major hydrogen producer and consumer, along with being a solution provider for batteries, our chemicals industry would like to engage in a discussion on how to advance these alternatives towards achieving Europe’s 2050 goals.

This dialogue will bring together the European Commission, European Parliament, civil society and industry to examine how the chemical industry can drive future mobility by:

  • Presenting the EU vision of mobility towards a transport sector fit for a clean, digital and modern economy
  • Showcasing how the chemical industry contributes to innovations in batteries and the role of hydrogen, as a promising energy source
  • Examining the policy framework and conditions needed to accelerate the shift towards cleaner and more sustainable transport solutions

Join us to debate how the European chemical industry and mobility industries can work together to accelerate the shift to cleaner and sustainable mobility.


Eric-Mark Huitema

Director General
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William Todts

Director General
Transport and Environment

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