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High stakes and the chemistry of fashion: what role for our industry?

Circularity, innovation in new materials and technologies and traceability are major drivers of change in the European textiles and clothing industry, an industrial ecosystem already recognised with potential to pave the way towards carbon neutrality and sustainability. As the EU sets to raise its regulatory bar further, the challenge will be to ensure any product entering the EU respects EU standards. In 2020, there were almost 90% of non-compliances to REACH relating to imports and online sales in detected cases, including textiles. Considering, 23 billion of garments enter the EU annually, how will market surveillance manage such high volumes of textiles in the EU with an ever increasing list of chemicals to check?

Together with representatives from the EU institutions, textile and clothing sector and civil society, the dialogue will examine:

  • How to ensure all players, both the EU producing and importing textile and clothing companies as well as online sales, respect the same rules?
  • Considering the growing a list of restrictions in the textiles sector (CMRs, skin sensitisers), how can we ensure that such wide spanning restrictions are workable?
  • What is the role of partnerships and collaborations to enhance enforcement activities?

Join us to examine current challenges and opportunities to step up market surveillance to boost protection of European consumers and safeguard European industry competitiveness.


Baptiste Carriere-Pradal 

The Policy Hub
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Dirk Vantyghem 

Director General
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