EU Energy Targets

EU Energy Targets – Europe’s Journey to 2040 and Beyond

THU 05: 11.05 – 12.00

As we approach the end of the EU political cycle, we take a pitstop to review Europe’s energy ambitions. We have an agreed framework for 2030, a sense of direction and actions are being taken. As we start looking beyond 2030, we take stock of the turns and hurdles along the way; the energy crisis, leading to a contraction in production, uncertain economic outlook, the catalytic impacts of the US inflation Reduction Act. Against this gloomy backdrop, we ask: how can Europe continue on the road to net zero while maintaining a competitive edge for our industry?

Join us, together with representatives from the European Commission and the International Energy Agency to:

  • Gain first-hand insights into the progress towards net zero as a soon-to-be released IEA report is presented, and discover how the road is evolving and becoming more localised and granular as we move along it
  • Understand what has changed on this pathway so far, what have been the consequences and what it means for the transition to net zero.
  • Dive into what these changes imply for Europe: what are Europe’s specificities, the strengths, weaknesses and where should it focus?

Join us to get the latest on EU energy targets, the road to 2040, and how Europe can sharpen its edge!


Araceli Fernandez Pales

Head of Technology Innovation Unit, International Energy Agency (IEA)

Ewa Krukowska

Senior Climate and Energy Reporter, Bloomberg

Alexandre Paquot

Director, Innovation for a Low Carbon, Resilient Economy, DG CLIMA, European Commission

Nicola Rega

Executive Director, Climate Change and Energy, Cefic