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On the road to 2050: What are the investment pathways for the European chemical industry to achieve climate neutrality?

The EU Green Deal and Europe’s ambition to be climate neutral by 2050 create new opportunities for the European chemical industry. With massive investments required to transform the industry, along with the imperative to implement new technologies and maintain global competitiveness, companies will need to carefully consider successful investment pathways on the road to 2050.

Accenture, in collaboration with energy and chemicals consultancy NexantECA, conducted a study that examined abatement cost scenarios. Together with representatives from industry and the sustainability finance sector, they will debate the following questions:

  • What does a carbon neutral European chemical industry look like?
  • What are the requirements to build a carbon neutral and globally competitive European chemical industry?
  • How can the required investments be funded ¾ and will all investments be funded?

Cefic members are invited to join this session to discuss the different pathways for the EU chemical industry to reach climate neutrality while remaining competitive.


Giorgio Botta

Senior Associate, Sustainable Finance 
Association for Financial Markets in Europe

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Dr. Bernd Elser

Managing Director – Global Chemicals Lead

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Marco Mensink

Director General 

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Richard Sleep


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Michael Ulbrich

Managing Director – Global Chemicals Sustainability Lead
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Jennifer Baker

European Journalist 
EU Policy and Tech Reporter

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